Energy efficiency certificate

According to the building energy efficiency regulation K.EN.A.K. (article 14) the energy efficiency certificate P.E.A. of buildings:

  • Depicts the energy rating of the building.
  • In P.E.A. among other things, the general data of the building, the calculated annual total primary energy consumption of the reference building and the building under consideration, the annual energy consumption by energy source and end use, the actual annual total final energy consumption, the estimated and actual annual carbon dioxide emissions, as well as recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Every notary for the preparation of a deed of purchase and sale of a property is obliged to mention in the contract the protocol number of the P.E.A. and to attach to it an official copy of the P.E.A.
  • In every real estate lease, the PEA protocol number must be filled in the relevant fields of the electronic lease declarations submitted after 09/11/2015 based on article 58, par. 3, law 4342/2015
  • In case the PEA is issued in the framework of programs for the domestic sector financed by national and/or Community funds, the recommendations of the energy inspector are mentioned, in priority, based on the eligible interventions each time.

The P.E.A. it is valid for ten years, except in the case of a radical renovation of the building before the end of the decade, in which case it expires with the end of the renovation work and a new one must be issued.

Required documents:

  1. Contract or title deed
  2. Recent e9
  3. Identity
  4. Building permit
  5. Copies of approved plans (plans, elevations, sections, topography)
  6. OKO Accounts
  7. KAEK (if any)
  8. Boiler maintenance sheet (if any)

**in the event that there are no copies of approved plans, our office undertakes to collect them from the competent building authority to which the property belongs.

After the collection of supporting documents, the autopsy of the property is necessary for the issuance of the P.E.A..

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