Electronic Building Identity

According to paragraph 1 of article 52 of Official Gazette 167/03.11.2017:

The electronic building identity is the recording of the existing state of the building and its permits, as well as the monitoring and control of its changes, during its lifetime.

Required documents:

  1. Contract or title deed
  2. Recent e9
  3. Identity
  4. Building permit
  5. Copies of approved plans (plans, elevations, sections, topography)
  6. Accounts payable Ο.Κ.Ω.
  7. KΑΕΚ (if any)
  8. Energy efficiency certificate (if available)
  9. Subject to arbitrary laws (if any)

**in the event that there are no copies of approved plans, our office undertakes to collect them from the competent building authority to which the property belongs.

After collecting the supporting documents, an autopsy of the property is necessary to confirm its current condition.

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